LAN120HSV5 (HSV5; 11,200 / 13,300)

LAN120HSV5 (HSV5; 11,200 / 13,300)


Wall Mounted.

Art Cool™ Mirror indoor units feature sleek, mirror-finished indoor units. Choose from models with capacities from 9,000 to 22,000 Btu/h.


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  • Detail Overview

    Art Cool™ Mirror duct-free systems feature sleek, mirror-finished indoor units, and outdoor units with energy-efficient Inverter technology.

    Single zone systems that feature an innovative design and high efficiency levels. The mirrored wall-mounted indoor units allow for easy installation, while the majority of systems in this line achieve ENERGY STAR and tax credit qualifications.

  • Benefits & Features

    • 4-Way auto swing

    • 24-Hour on/off timer

    • Auto restart

    • Auto changeover

    • Built-in low ambient standard, down to 14°F (cooling mode)

    • Chaos wind

    • Condensate Sensor Connection

    • Energy saving

    • Inverter (variable speed compressor)

    • IDU compatible with Multi F ODU

    • Jet cool/Jet heat

    • 3M Micro Dust Filter

    • Self-cleaning indoor coil

    • Sleep mode

    • Ultra quiet operation

    • Cooling only function


    • Up to $300 Available in Los Angeles, CA


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